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Portrait Examples Gallery 1

Kiel as a boy & as a young man
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Drawn from inset photos

Drawn from inset photo

Drawn from inset photo
Dress was changed at Mothers request.

Drawn from inset photo

Example of a Fade-To-Black Background.

Little Boy with Bunny Towel

Hair straightened at Mothers request


Father & Son at Wedding. Combination of 2 photos.
Tux, Arm and Hand were added by request.


Fisher Family Portrait....This 16x20 portraits was
Drawn from the 4 inset photos

Choose the Right Photograph !


When choosing the photograph of your

subject try and  find a large a picture

to work from. It is possible to get

good results working from a small

photograph but the larger the

original photo the more detail

I can extract from it.


The key to a good portrait is shading,

and so a photo taken in natural light

will be easier to get good results from

than a photo where the subject is

 washed out in flash.


Try and find a picture where one side

of the face is distinctly darker than

the other as this will give the portrait

depth and form - but don't despair if

you can't. Even a picture taken with

strong flash can be used to draw a

good pencil portrait .


Above all, choose a good picture of

your subject.  Does it really look like

them or is it the one photo where

they're not themselves? Remember

what I see on the photo is what

I draw!


Once you've chosen the photograph

you want ,tell me what you want

me to draw from it. Do you want

one person or several.

Do you want just their face,

or would you like their

shoulders as well? Without this

information I cannot guarantee I

will draw exactly what you want.


All photos will be returned to you

along with the completed portrait.

While the Portrait is insured against damage
in the post, I cannot accept liability for

your photographs damaged in the post.


I aim to have all portraits finished

within 10 Days of commission, but

this may vary with demand.


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